Yale Insights Features Project with Academic Analytics Data

“In Finance Field, Gender Disparities Are Significant—But Shrinking“ Professor of Finance Heather E. Tookes of Yale University recently wrote about her research into the gender gap in the finance discipline, read the story here. Her project incorporated Academic Analytics data from the new Academic Analytics Research Center (AARC). Read our previous post about this research here, and contact us to learn more about how Academic Analytics supports scholars through collaboration and data sharing.

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FastFacts – Physics

In PHYSICS, collaboration with other disciplines is most often seen between physicists and researchers in Astronomy and Astrophysics which produces 24% of all co-authored Physics journal publications. The next two frequent collaborative disciplines are Chemistry and Electrical Engineering which account for 2.1% and 1.6% of all co-authored Physics journal publications respectively. Do you know who are the top potential collaborators in Physics that best complement your research and where they are located? According to the data captured in the Academic […]

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