Should all research be archived?

My colleagues Bill Savage, Dick Wheeler, and I recently published an opinion article in the journal Frontiers in Research Metrics and Analytics ( This paper is meant to accompany the expansive dataset on publishing patterns across disciplines that we recently made public ( In short, this article is meant to highlight that academe’s growing use of bibliometrics to evaluate academic units must be done judiciously, and even the best-intended bibliometric indicators do not always consider myriad factors specific to the discipline in question, as well as the individual who authored those publications.

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Video Playback: International Scholars and US Research Competitiveness

In November 2021, AARC hosted a webinar by researchers Sarah Rovito, Divyansh Kaushik, and Surya Dev Aggarwal of MIT discussing their study on the impact of international scholars on US research outputs an competitiveness. We’re delighted to make the playback of this webinar accessible to all. Please check out our conversation with the authors in the video below to learn more about this important research.

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Academic Analytics Data in the Context of Promotion and Tenure

AARC is proud to support Academic Analytics’ recent statement on the use of quantitative information in promotion and tenure decisions. Our research at AARC seeks to emphasize the humanity of researchers, and to underscore that the people who produce research are separate from – and greater than – the quantified representation of their research outputs. We echo the below points from the Academic Analytics position statement:

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