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Collaboration of CHEMISTRY faculty with other disciplines is most often with Biochemistry faculty which accounts for 7.9% of all co-authored Chemistry publications. The next two most frequent disciplines, Molecular Biology and Physics, account for 3.3% and 3.3% of all co-authored Chemistry publications, respectively. The broad field most like Chemistry is Engineering and its sub-fields, publishing collaborative research 97.6% of the time. Do you know who are the top potential collaborators in Chemistry that best complement your research and where they […]

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Institutional Investor covers reseachers using Academic Analytics

"There’s Another Massive Gender Gap in Finance — But There’s Hope" Check out the great writeup in Institutional Investor about researchers using Academic Analytics data to explore female representation in the academic finance discipline. This truly important work deserves to be discussed and disseminated. Read our previous post about this research here, and contact us to learn more about how Academic Analytics supports scholars through collaboration and data sharing.

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New research on women’s representation in academic finance incorporates Academic Analytics data

A new preprint available on SSRN examines female representation in the academic finance profession. Authors Mila Getmansky Sherman (Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst) and Heather Tookes (professor of finance at the Yale School of Management) relied on Academic Analytics data in their study. Among their findings are that women are less likely to be tenured, and women are paid less than men. Moreover, they report that women publish fewer papers than men, and that women […]

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